Interested in being a Cards Only retailer?

Cards Only distributes its product ranges through a wide network of authorised retailers (including exclusive home & giftware stores, florists, new agencies and pharmacies) in all states of Australia. Our $1.00 retail greeting cards & wrapping paper have proven to be a great enticement to draw customers into stores, such as yours!

A range of extremely space efficient, purpose designed display spinners are available to our authorised retailers to maximise the return on your investment. For re-stocking ease, all card designs are invoiced & shipped in packs of 20 cards with envelopes and wrapping paper is available in packs of 20 flat sheets.

If you are interested in retailing any or all of our Cards Only card ranges, please apply by completing the form below or phone our Customer Service Team on (02) 9987 2244 during business hours.