Who we are

Pam Sleap, the owner of Cards Only, started her business career with opening up “pop up” Christmas shops with a focus on selling quality gifts, homeware and books all at affordable prices. After several years of these shops, Pam realised that she wanted a more permanent business and recognised that greeting cards that were both high in quality, while still being well priced, were one of the most popular items with customers.

So in 2000 she began wholesaling $1 retail cards to a large variety of retailers, sourcing the cards from various suppliers and printers. As the business progressed, Pam realised that to continue supplying great designs suitable for the Australian market, Cards Only needed to design and print their own quality product, and it was from this time the business really took off.

Today, Cards Only is one of the most well known and respected card and wrapping paper wholesalers in Australia. Cards Only not only continues to supply a great quality product for their customers, but also provides an extremely efficient and prompt delivery service. It must be noted that in the years since Cards Only commenced, the wholesale price of the cards has never increased allowing customers to keep the cards at the $1 retail price point.

To accommodate a growing industry, Cards Only introduced their premium range of greeting cards named Oak Press Designs & Handmade Expressions. These premium ranges have been very well received by retailers, and allows customers more choice with the retail price points.

In keeping up with the market trends and at the request of our retailers, Cards Only has expanded the business by introducing an exclusive range of Australian soaps & hand creams under our brand Indigo Bath & Body.

We look forward to working with you and your business together for many years to come.


Our Greeting Cards

The paper we use is FSC certified. FSC is a global forest certification system to provide a guarantee that forest products come from responsibly managed sources.